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This page is dedicated to the Vauxhall Firenza and its various derivatives.


I have been a fan of the HC range since their introduction and continue to admire them to this day.



2016 sees the 40th anniversary of the Sportshatch. It has been suggested that a commemorative sales brochure be produced to mark the event, as nothing was ever produced by Vauxhall at its launch. Anyone interested, preferably with a Sportshatch in the south of England, drop me a note as I am keen to progress the idea further.

Suggested format for 40th anniversary "sales" leafletSuggested format for 40th anniversary "sales" leaflet

MKY 620P Sportshatch

I first spotted MKY620P in 1976 at Alexandra Palace. 32 years later, I couldn't believe it when the same car was advertised for sale. Unfortunately i couldn't buy it then, but would be very interested if it were for sale today. Get in touch if you own it. 

 MKY620P as photographed in 1976MKY620P as photographed in 1976




The HPF's 40th anniversary saw a gathering of such cars at the Vauxhall Heritage Centre in Luton, followed by a day at the Millbrook Test Track, organised by the DSG.


And this is what started it all off - my first Vauxhall (a Viva in 1977)


and with my Magnum in 1982 



1:43 scale models 

I collect little ones too!I collect little ones too!

Past Sales Material.

How many remember these?

Extract from original sales brochureExtract from original sales brochure

I am able to come and photograph your car and produce a montage of images that would look good gracing any wall.  Static, Trackday, you name it. Contact me for details.











Flashback to the HPF's 25th birthday at ThruxtonFlashback to the HPF's 25th birthday at Thruxton